Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our miracle baby boy

Why I believe he is my miracle boy?

After going back and seeing everything that happen; till the point of Jace birth. I am amazed of how many obstacles our little boy had to overcome, to make it here and now be alive in our arms. I wanted to share all those things in this post.

Jace quick medical simple facts:
  • July 11, 2008 Created. Jace's embryo number was #9 or #12
  • July 16, 2008 Frozen 1st time
  • Nov 14, 2008 Thaw in the same batch as the triplets
  • Nov 19, 2008 Frozen 2nd time
  • Sept 12, 2009 Thaw and 12 other embryos did not survive
  • Sept 16, 2009 Embryo transfer.
  • June 2, 2010 Jace was born!

I believe that every single child is a miracle of life. With Jace, he is an amazing miracle. Below are the essentials and realities that were conquered:
  1. Before getting his chance of life he was:
    • Waiting to get transfer for 14 months and 5 days
    • Frozen for 13 months and 25 days
  2. He lost all of his siblings before him.
  3. A year ago his mom almost died during giving birth to his triplet siblings.
  4. After the D&C, the doctors predicted that it could be hard for his mom to get pregnant ever again.
  5. His twin embryo did not make it.
  6. In his first 9 weeks of life as a fetus, he was given only a 30% chance of survival
  7. His mom bled for the first 10 weeks of pregnancy
  8. His mom was on total bed rest of 15 weeks (7-hospital, and 8-home)
  9. His Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctors predicted that was he would be premature and not make beyond week 32 inside the mother's womb. Due to the cervix getting short too soon.
  10. A team from the NICU came to visit us and prepare us for what would happen, and what they need to do to keep him alive.
On the other hand:
  • He was always kicking and giving mom and dad encouragement of not giving up, and keep hoping with him. During the stay in the hospital, he would even kick the monitors off of him (that were on mommy's belly), like saying we don't need this. We only need to trust in God, and trust that He will work trough the doctors.
  • He was a full term baby, born only 3 days before his estimated due date.
  • Against all odds, and with our hope only in God, he is now a beautiful healthy baby boy, whom we will always be indebted and grateful to our Creator.

Calendar log entries of our journey:

3/27/08 Uterus septum surgery.

7/11/08 CREATED! 27 fertilized eggs...

7/16/08 Embryo Transfer. 9:30am, #13 and #20

7/30/08 Pregnancy test result was positive!!!

8/18/08 ultrasound - we can see the baby, but no heart beat.

8/30/08 Baby August went to Heaven

9/6/08 Got Kelso.

11/14/08 Triplets thaw

11/19/08 Triplets embryo transfer (#1, #3 and #7)

12/3/08 Pregnancy test positive!

12/17/08 Triple hearts found!

1/16/09 First meeting with Doctor V

2/3/09 from Triplets to Twins

2/8/09 ER visit

3/6/09 Lilia went to Heaven

3/12/09 Alexa went to Heaven

3/14/09 Jayden went to Heaven; Jessica almost dies.

3/21/09 Funeral day

7/28/09 Adoption Home Study starts

8/28/09 IVF 1st injection cycle starts

9/16/09 Embryo transfer. #9 #12 [Jace] @11:30 am

9/30/09 Pregnancy test positive! [Jace]

10/9/09 ultrasound-5wk

10/13/09 ultrasound-6wk
HR = 136;
Size = ¼ inch long;
Blood clot trouble above the baby, praying that it goes away.

10/16/09 ultrasound-7wk
HR = 154
Size = almost ½ inch long
Blood clot is starting to shrink, continue prayer

10/27/09 ultrasound-8wk
HR = 146
Size = 1.93cm long
Blood clot trouble above the baby has smaller size, continue prayer

11/3/09 ultrasound-9wk
HR = 180
Size = 2.85cm long
Blood clot trouble above the baby almost gone, continue prayer

11/5/09 to 11/16 (Trip to OK, Beth' wedding)

11/18/09 ultrasound-11wk
HR = 145 (estimated)
Size = 4.9cm long
Cervix = 5.7cm
First Baby video taken
Est age = 11wk.2d

11/20/09 ultrasound-12wk
HR = 150 (estimated)
Size = 5.6cm long
Femur = 0.72cm
Neck = 0.9cm
Head = 2.0cm (side2side)
Cervix = 4.7cm

12/4/09 ultrasound-14wk
Heart Rate = 157bpm
Size = 7.8cm long

12/10/09 Notified Adoption Agency

1/8/10 ultrasound-19wk
Baby estimated age = 19 weeks
Size = 25.4 cm long = 10inch (estimated)
Weight = 284grams = 10oz (estimated); HR = 155 bpm (estimated)
Cervix = 3.5cm

1/27/10 ultrasound-22.5wk
HR = 160 (estimated)
50% percentile
Cervix = 3.42cm

2/10/10 ultrasound-23.5wk
HR = 155 (avg)
Size = 50% percentile
Weight = 652grams (1lb7oz)
Cervix = 2.39cm
Hospitalized, short cervix
If he is to be born now, he will have 40% chance to survive. will have to be in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with major needs of life support, and IVs

2/15/10 ultrasound-24.2wk
Length is almost 14inches (35cm)
Weight is estimated at 2lb 12oz (1.25Kg)
Cervix = 2.3cm
If he is to be born now, he will have 60% chance to survive. will have to be in the NICU with life support, IVs and feeding tubes

2/22/10 INS adoption appointment

2/23/10 ultrasound-25.5wk
HR = 155 (estimated)
Cervix = 1.6cm
Received steroids injection to prepare Jace's lungs for premature Labor

3/12/10 28wk. Released from Hospital
Cervix = 1.5cm (stable, some funneling but no changes in length)
If he is to be born now, he will have 90% chance to survive. will have to be in the NICU with life support, IVs and feeding tubes

3/15/10 ultrasound-28.2wk
HR = 160 (estimated)
Cervix = 1.5cm

3/22/10 ultrasound-29.2wk
HR = 140 (estimated)
Cervix = 1.3cm

3/29/10 ultrasound-30.2wk
HR = 140 (estimated)
Cervix = 1.1cm

4/5/10 ultrasound-31.2wk; Weight = 4lb2oz (1.87Kg); Length = 1ft 5in (43cm); Cervix = 1cm

4/10/10 Baby Shower

4/12/10 ultrasound-32.2wk
HR = 160 (estimated)
Cervix = 1cm (Last ultrasound to cervix length)
If he is to be born now, he will have 95% chance to survive. will have to be in the NICU with minor needs of life support, and feeding tubes

4/26/10 ultrasound 34.2wk
Weight= 5 pounds 9 oz

5/7/10 ob appt-36wk
cervix dilated 1cm
If he is to be born now, he will have 99% chance to survive. will have to be in the NICU to monitor him, and now he can be nursed.

5/14/10 ob appt-37wk
cervix dilated 2cm
He is now a full-term baby, and it is safe for him to be born anytime.

5/21/10 ob appt-38wk
cervix dilated 2cm
Jessica and I got chased by two loose dogs (pit-bull and boxer) and Jess jumped on a pickup truck, I got in the middle to keep the dogs away until owner got them.

5/28/10 ob appt-39wk
cervix dilated 2cm

6/1/10 pediatric appt

6/2/10 Jace was born! (only 3 days before his estimated due date);
Weight = 8lb 11oz; Height = 21 inches



  1. I came across your Youtube post as I was searching for Hello/Goodbye by Michael W Smith. I cried reading about you folks, but as a follower of Jesus, I am encouraged by your faith in the midst of the trials and sorrow you faced. God bless you both, make that three!
    in Christ

  2. Sri, thank you for your kind comment. May God bless you too all the days of your life.