Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Unexpected and Exciting Call

Embryos #7 and #8
A week ago we finally got the good news that I could start giving the injections to Jess. And the doctors finally set a date for the embryo transfer for Wednesday. So, today when we got an urgent call that we had to go to the clinic as soon as possible. The lab mixed the dates, and they had unthawed the two embryos this morning instead of tomorrow morning. That was the "bad" news, the good news is that both of them survived the unfreezing process!

This is so amazing. These two precious ones are such a fighters trying so hard to live. After 3 years being frozen, they are not giving up. We are not giving up on them either. And we will never give up on our faith that God still does miracles. Because I see a little one running around my home every day.

We had to quickly scramble for people to helps us to watch Jace while we went to the clinic. We arrived around 11am, and the operating room was already set, nurses, and doctors ready for the procedure.

At 11:45 am, both embryos were transferred. While in silent amazement Jess and I watched all of it unfold in our lives. We know that this is not the final step. So, we still pray that God gives us a gift of a child (or children) again. This is how far the doctors and today's medicine can do. It is all in God's hands, it's been since the beginning, and it will continue to be in His hands.

Now the next step is the "long" two-week wait to see if the embryos did implant, and a positive pregnancy test result is found.


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