Monday, August 19, 2013

The "Mother Glow"

(Our Triplets Angels pendant with their playscape in the background)
Today is August 19th, and some have decided to make it the "Day of Hope" and I like the idea. So, on this day I'm writing a new post in their memory.

Our babies were not a "lost pregnancy" as some have described them. They were not a "sad thing" that happened to us; nor a "tragic circumstance". They are babies, our babies, my babies. Precious human beings.

Soon after their birth a quote came to me that read: "God and Angels danced the day they were born"; but also very important their mommy glowed the day they were born; some people call it "The Mother Glow". It happens to every mother regardless of whether her baby breathes or not. The memory of that beautiful glowing reflection and love that happened since that day is enough evidence for me that they exist.

I can see or sense this "Glow" when my wife and I talk about them, or when we talk to them. Every time my she works on their scrapbook, or I hold their blankies; we can feel their love. Even when we reach out to help others in their grief journey, and listen to their story, we can feel this awesome "love glow" around us.

I'm still in awe of their miracle into our lives. Their Mom's body is so incredible that during some time it had: four heads, 8 hands, 8 legs, 4 separate heartbeats, and 4 different DNAs. All in one person. She is an amazing mommy.

To all of you struggling with your child loss; I can assure you. We know they existed. We will always know it. Nobody can tell you that your child was not a person. You are carrying their glow in your heart. It is sufficient proof of their existence. My heart is rich because one day we will re-unite again, and my joy will be complete. I honor them each day in my moments of sadness and in my moments of happiness. We bereaved parents – we are dedicated till the end. We fight to keep our children’s memories alive. We create legacies for them and we carry their glow, the proof of their existence wherever we go.

"Sometimes we are only given few minutes to be with the child we love...
But we spend thousands of hours thinking of them and those precious minutes."


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