Monday, August 13, 2012

Giving them a kiss

Last Sunday's visit.
Triplet's Angels
Yesterday we had an emotionally heartfelt experience. In our normal visit to the triplet's grave, usually I do a clean-up, water the flowers, and sit by them for few minutes to let peace from above to sink in.

Jace would typically come, and say "hi bibis", and then go to play with toys scattered around baby-land. Once we are ready to go home, Jess and me would give the triplets a good bye; then I kneel down, and kiss each one of their names.

This time, Jace helped me to water the stone, and stood by my side while I was wiping off the water from it. When we were getting ready to leave, out of the blue, Jace bends down, blows them a kiss, and caresses each one of their names.

That moment was so beautiful, I can hear Jess sobbing next to me, and I find myself with tears running down my face too. God has given us a child with so much love. I'm still amazed that as a 2 year old, he can sense some connection and care towards his siblings in heaven.

We are forever thankful for our caring and loving son.

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