Monday, July 9, 2012

Discovering how much your child loves you

I'm so happy, living trough the experience I believe many other parents have enjoyed, of discovering the blessing to see how much your child loves you. Those "aha" moments when the affection towards mommy and daddy is revealed. It is a very joyful experience. I'm so much in awe that I decided to post this delightful feeling on my blog.

Last week we took a short vacation, and at every place we went, my little boy wanted me to be by his side; enjoying the water with him, splashing it, lying on the grass with him, and the list goes on. Here I'm sharing a couple pictures of so many moments like it. I pray that God gives me many more years to be able to be by his side, to nurture him, protect him, teach him, love him, and be his dad.

After I finished doing some water skiing; I was pleasantly surprised, when my wife told me that every time I felt into the water; our little toddler would start crying saying: "nooo, daadaaa!", and then he stopped when he saw me getting on top of the water again. 

He was so worry about me... And he is only 2 years old. This melted my heart again.

I love him so much!

Thank you God for letting me be a dad.

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  1. Priceless photos and memories :) I cherish them too. Hugs to your family!