Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We are in good hands

Baby-B 3D scan at 25 weeks

Yesterday, we went for the ultrasound check on the anti-body status, baby growth and the cervix length. And prayers are being answered with the anti-body situation, because there is no indication that it has affected my two boys at all. However the cervix measurement showed that it is now too short, and required my wife to be hospitalized.

Then today this overwhelming thought came onto me while driving alone back from the hospital to work. I was thinking about so many friends and family from at least 4 continents that are praying for us. Also, multiple people has brought a meal, or helped us with Jace, and the day-care staff has allowed us to take my son too.

Throughout the journey all the doctors (including the fetal medicine ones) and nurses have been kind and sensitive to us. So much help, I feel blessed in the middle of this storm. Then this thought burned in my soul:

"We are in good hands... We are in God's hands"

I continue to pray that the twins will stay in their mommy's womb for as long as possible, to make it to week-28 and hopefully past the 32-week milestone.

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