Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thanks Heaven for boys

It was exciting for me reveal to the rest of the family the genders of the babies. I also know that many people were hoping that at least one of them would be a girl. And I would have liked that too; but deep in my heart I've been praying for healthy babies, whatever their genders are.

A dear friend shared the disappointment about it, but has seen how happy, excited and blessed we feel. The reality is that when you struggle with infertility and complications to the level we endure sweating blood and tears to be able to have a child, then the gender is the last thing we would worry about. So, we are very happy about them. And their older brother Jace is really happy too. He keeps saying: "I'm so excited!" over and over.

Another prospective I'm sharing is that I sense, without a doubt, God has seen my role as a daddy raising my little boy. In His infinite wisdom I feel that He wants to entrusted me to raise more man to reflect His love and glory to many others. For these little boys to become the kind of men that will dearly love their mommy and respect their future wives and children; giving examples in this world were we there is so much brokenness in marriage and families. So, I pray God to give me the guidance and wisdom to do that.

Medical update on the babies:

Yesterday we went for the initial ultrasound to start checking if the is any antibody reaction on the babies. And the awesome news is that there is no indication about it; but we also got the result that the cervix is short, which means that she is going to be on limited bed-rest restrictions. We always hope that this would be difficulty-free pregnancy. But their mommy and daddy are determined to do anything for them. I hope we can find enough people who can help us during these trying times. And we are blessed to see help coming our way already.

Last night while doing our devotional time, I've been trying to stay strong for everyone around me, and do everything I can humanly do. Then during my reading, I broke down in tears when I read the following verse, in the middle of all our situation and worries:

"... Be still, and know that I am God." 
(Psalm 46:10a)

This verse above pointed out to me that I could have the confidence that whatever happens in life, that God will be in the midst of all. So, we have chosen names for our boys which have beautiful and with powerful meaning to us. The names we have chosen for our baby boys are:

Jaden Alberto and Jackson Mateo

The meanings of the names are:
  Jaden (Hebrew) grateful, God has heard.
  Alberto (Germanic) Noble, bright, famous.
  Jackson (Hebrew) God's grace.
  Mateo (Spanish) Gift of God.

This upcoming new year is another year full of opportunities for more miracles, I know I can feel with my hands and embrace two of them each night.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2014!


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