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Our miracle twin babies

(My two little giraffes. 7 days old)
This picture was taken when my babies were only one week old. So much joy they have given us already in these few days.

During Jess long stay at the hospital I’ve come across with so many amazing stories of other parents sharing their joyful story of their miracle babies. Some giving us reassurance, others asking for support and a word of encouragement. I listened to their fears and worries. And more important, I prayed for them daily. Some babies did make it to the gestational age that they could go to the NICU and survived. But sadly others parents experienced the same loss that we did with our triplets, and my heart broke for them every time I heard about them.

Hence, going through this experience showed me (once more) how complex and fragile new life can be. On this post I want to summarize all the medical challenges that my two miracle boys overcame to finally be in our arms. This should help many others when they go through similar situations, to give them hope and faith that He can do miracles for them too.

My Calendar journal entries are:

(Holding my twins)
On mid 2013: (August) Started fertility medications.

Sep2: Egg retrieval. 9folicles, 7fertilized, 5viable, 2transferred.

Sep7: embryo transfer

Sep20: 4wk-6day. Pregnancy test result positive 

Oct8: 7wk-3d. Baby-A=14.4mm[136bpm]. Baby-B=11.1mm[146bpm]

Oct15: u/s 8wk-2dy A=19.1mm[167], B=19.3mm[171]. Cervix length 37mm. Two cysts found on right ovary (size 7cm aprox).

Oct25: u/s 9wk-4dy A[181.3],B [181.1]. Cervix 35mm. Antibody detected (little-E). Cysts sizes around 7.2cm

Oct30: u/s 10wk-2dy A=34.2mm, B=34.7mm. Cervix 35mm. Cysts size 7.5cm

Nov18: FMF appt. 3D-scan 13wk A=73.92mm, B=71.19mm. Cervix 31mm. Cysts 7.5cm

Nov20: surgery: Cysts removal (actual size was over 8cm diameter each). Right ovary was twinsting, external end of cervis was opening, cervical cerclage applied.

Nov26: u/s 14wk. HR A[145bpm],B[150bpm]. Cervix length 25mm

Dec17: u/s 17wk babies genders found! Est. weight[HR].8oz[143],7oz[146]. Cervix 24mm

Dec30: u/s 19wk. MCA Doppler(cm/s) = 22 and 23. Cervix=24mm. Placed on home bed-rest

Jan13:u/s 21wk Weight[HR] 15oz[139],16oz[144]. Cervix 20mm. Doppler(cm/s) = 24.5 @21w

Jan27:u/s 23wk HR [150],[144]. Doppler(cm/s) = 26.2 and 27. Cervix=17mm

Feb10: 25wk. Weight[HR] 1lb13oz[146],1lb15oz[150]. Doppler(cm/s) 28.2, 29. Cervix=10mm(inner), outer=20mm, mid-firm texture. Hospitalized bed-rest. NST irritated uterus, no contractions.

Mar3: u/s 28wk-2d Weight[HR]: 2lb14oz[148] 2lb15oz[150]. Doppler(cm/s) = 38.3[A] 38.9[B]. Cervix=10mm. Sent home to continue bed-rest.

Mar10: 29wk. Doppler(cm/s) = A(26.7); B(32.7).

Mar18: 30wk-3d. Doppler(cm/s) = A(41) and B(37). NST test Admitted to triage (Baby-B heartbeat decelerated. and Baby-A "non-reactive")

Apr1: 32w-3d. Est weights A = 4lb 10oz, B = 4lb 14oz. MCA=52.1cm/s and 53cm/s

Apr12:34w Shingles on belly and PUPPS breaks out in the rest of mom's body 

Apr22: 35w. A = 4lb 10oz B = 4lb 14oz. MCA=52.1cm/s

Apr28:36w-2d. Cerclage removal and monitoring for signs of labor. cervix 2cm dilated, no contractions.

May3: 37-weeks. Jess is so miserable with the itch over her body, but we are both overjoyed. All fears are now history. Doctors are pleasantly surprised that the babies made it to this milestone. The twins are now considered FULL-TERM babies. Yeah!!

May5: 37w 2days - Labor Induction scheduled.
- 6:20am Checking in at triage
- 8:25am IVs, ultrasound, both heads are down
- 8:43am Pitocin feed into IV
- 9:09am Baby-A (Jaden) water broken. Regular contractions
- 11:00am Epidural given (and they messed up, spinal fluid leakage)
- 12:33pm Transfered to the OR room to get ready for labor. 
- 12:35pm I got suited up with scrubs to go into the operating room.
- 1:03pm Jaden Alberto was born: 7lb 10oz (3.46Kg). 20inches long (50.8cm)
- 1:20pm Jackson Mateo was born: 7lb 3oz (3.26Kg). 20inches long (50.8cm)

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Their names meanings:

(Holding my son Jaden)

Jaden = (Hebrew) grateful, God has heard
Alberto = (Germanic) Noble and bright, famous

(Holding my son Jackson)

Jackson = (English "son of Jack", Hebrew form of John), God is gracious
Mateo = (Spanish); Meaning: Gift of God

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