Monday, May 5, 2014

Jaden and Jackson are born

For this two little miracles so many have prayed

(Holding my twin boys for the first time)
Years ago, when I embraced my son for the first time, I held him at the hospital room for a long time, and engraved in my heart every single minute of it. At that moment, I was thinking: "this will be my only miracle child that I will be able to have in this life on Earth... So, I better enjoy this moment to the fullest."

I had no idea that a double blessing was down the road going to be in our arms, and be able to enjoy having to take care, love and raise another child.

I'm still overjoyed to see, hold, embrace and feel that my two little boys finally have made it. It was not an easy journey. At times we thought they would never make it. But we refused to give up, and continued trusting that God will hear our prayers.

Their story was not easy at all either. After loosing an entire batch of embryos, we had to start from scratch. We weren't sure if it would make sense to try again. Yet we felt this prodding into our souls to try again. Also during this season another family have learned about us, and were deeply touched by our story and approached us offering surrogacy.

We were impressed that someone else would love to do that for a friend. That would be an amazing gift. We prayed for many weeks and months. Seeking guidance from above, making sure that whatever we would decide to do, would honor God, and be blessed by Him. At the same time I started researching all the things that would be required for doing surrogacy (or gestational carrier as it is called in our state). This included to understand all the legal stuff, medical needs, health insurance policies, etc... Since in our state this process is very complicated, and to top it off, when the baby(ies) are born then we have to go through a lengthy process of adopting our own children!

So, we continue to be open to that offer. But as time passed. I felt that it was not fair to place a huge burden unto another family. Also the related costs are so high, that I realized it would not be a wise financial decision to go that route. Moreover, I recognized there was so much going on that family life, that I didn't want to add more stuff on their plate. It did not seem fair to me at all. Also, if the outcome would be devastating, similar to our triplet's loss experience; I felt that I did not want some other person to have to endure a child loss, like we had to bear with our triplets.

At the end of the day, we realized that this was the journey that God had placed in our lives, and that we had to trust in Him. Even when "easier" options were at our disposal. Furthermore, this increasing anxiety and lack of peace during those days that I realized I needed to listen to God and to trust in Him alone.

Thus, one night after we both prayed, we realized that we had to do this on our own. And we decided that we will be completely open, vulnerable and rely on prayers from many others, to gain encouragement and faith from those around us near and far away. So, when we finally decided to decline the offer, and shared to them our decision. After that night we felt such a huge relieve and weight has been lifted off from our shoulders. And a peace beyond all understanding for an unknown to us, but known to God future settled in our home.

We knew that we have made the right decision.

Then in mid of 2013, we openly shared with family and friends that we will try again. We decided to be openly candid and bold, to blindly go forward trusting that God would hear our prayers. No matter the outcome it would be for His glory, and we take no credit at all. We will humble and submit to His will.

Obviously the enemy tried to derail everything. It took Jessica a little longer to respond to the medications (the fertility doctor was very cautions to avoid hyper-stimulation). Then when the positive pregnancy test came back, we still had to wait for the heart beats scan, and then a long journey to hopefully for the baby(ies) to stay inside the womb. And many doctors were concerned that she might not make it to 28 weeks.

At 13 weeks of pregnancy. There was an emergency surgery to remove 2 massive cysts (8-cm diameter) on her right ovary, that it was already twisting too; and the cervix was starting to give up. After that procedure was completed the OB doctor was overjoyed that the surgery was done on a perfect timing, before anything bad would had happen. He told me: "Luis, God must to be looking over your babies, because this was a perfect timing for this surgery to occur today. Few more days and all would have been lost!"

Then at 23 weeks, she was on bed rest. Two weeks later, she was admitted to the hospital, and spent in total 110 days (two months and 20 days) on bed rest. Wondering each day if the babies will make it or not. We had daily visits from the doctors, and the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) staff to prepare us for what could happen each day, if the babies would be born on that day.

Moreover, they found that she has an antibody (little-E) in her blood that it could be very harmful to the babies. That there was no medication to treat it. And the only medical assistance is to do a blood transfusion to each baby, while still inside the mother's womb.

Each day, Jessica continued to write a new Bible verse. And I would place it some where in the hospital room. Against all odds she reached the 28-week milestone. And we were sent home to continue bed-rest. To the amazement of the doctors. The babies were not producing antigens, neither reacting to the antibody from their mommy. They kept growing at a very healthy rate.

I knew then, that God was protecting them from all harm and pain.

Then at week 34. Her overstretched belly skin developed shingles, and it was very painful to her. Then few days later, her body developed PUPPS (Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques) too. She was completely miserable. I felt powerless, to be unable to help her. All I could do was to place creams on her, to sooth the pain.

She was a determined mommy to give the best shot to life of her unborn twin babies.

Then on week 36, it was safe to remove the cerclage. The doctors and nurses thought that she would go into labor right away. But nothing happened. As days passed, and the final goal of 38 weeks was getting closer, the doctor was very relieved and happy with the pregnancy progress and outcome. And also we wanted Jess's misery to be over.

At this time the babies were already weight estimated to be over 7 lbs. It was a miracle. At 37 weeks, she was scheduled to be induced. How ironic that all this weeks and months we prayed for the babies to stay inside, but now she ended up being induced. God has this awesome sense of humor.

We checked in at the hospital at 6:30 am. And they were born at 1:03pm and 1:20pm. Both over 7lbs and 20inches long. How great is our God!

Jaden and Jackson (1 day old)

To celebrate them, and to celebrate their mommy, I created a video of the journey we had to take to finally have our twin boys in our arms. We're so grateful for many people supporting us, and praying for us. And so grateful to our Miracle Maker, for what He has done.

Enjoy the video:

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  1. Miracle family! �� we love you all! Praise the lord.
    Familia milagrosa los amamos a todos!

    Your Venezuelan Family.