Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stolen moments

(My two little 5-month old pumpkins)
Happy Fall everyone! This is a picture of my two cute miracle pumpkins gives us so much joy. I recently read a story of a grieving father and his precious daughter. And the two words "stolen moments" caught my total attention. I really like that description, because I too feel cheated in life of so many stolen moments I will never get to experience with my triplets. And so when I look at my twin little ones, I'm still in awe of all the many times their lives were at risk, and be able to overcome them. So I treasure them, while I yearn for my babies in Heaven.

Over a year ago I remember when we went for the ultrasound and we discover their heartbeats for the first time: "It's twins!" the nurse celebrated... Honestly I was scared to death of loosing them because of multiple-pregnancy and its complications; or the traumatic experience and loss of our triplets.

At 9 weeks, the rise of their mother's antibody (little-E) counts was a risk that they could die of heart failure due to low count on blood red cells, or become anemic.

At 13 weeks, an urgent surgery was done to drain two giant ovarian cysts near the babies, and to close the cervix that was starting to funnel. A full sedated surgery was done while constantly monitoring the vital signs of two babies and their mommy.

At 19 weeks, an UTI symptoms and pain prompted an rush trip to the ER, and Jess was crying and worry about thinking that she thought she was going into labor. And we knew that at this age they would not survive.

At 20 weeks, she was admitted into the hospital on full bed-rest. The doctors were worry and hoping that she would make it at least to 28 weeks. And so she remained on bed-rest for 110 days.

At 30 weeks, a heart deceleration on Baby-B, caused to be readmitted to triage, to ensure that the baby was alive. This happens several times too.

At 34 weeks, she developed shingles on her belly, and it was so painful on her overstretched skin. At the same time the twin pregnancy triggered PUPPS skin rash too. And so she would spend the entire nights itching, and I was trying to sooth her skin with pregnancy-safe lotions and all kind of things.

At 36 weeks, (for twins) they were considered full term. And because of how miserable she was, they went ahead and removed the cerclage, hoping that this will cause her to go into labor. She dilated, but labor did not happen.

And beating all odds, at almost 38 weeks, she was finally induced, and my two little boys were born, no harm affected them, beautiful and healthy seven-pounders these babies were. They did not needed any time at the NICU section of the hospital. And they remained in our joyful arms.

~ ♥ ~

So, early on the pregnancy, when we got the first trouble diagnosis, that my wife and myself walking out of the doctor's office that day telling ourselves that we were going to do everything that it took so that my babies would not have to be in the NICU.

As I look at my babies tonight I thank God that He protected them and me from everything that could have gone wrong. It is amazing to see that a year ago on October 8th, we heard their heartbeats for the first time, and now hold them in my arms and see what these little boys overcame.

I truly serve an awesome God!

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