Friday, July 11, 2008


Most people does not have idea of how we all come to life. I mean, they understand the basics (about the egg+sperm, a fetus and then a baby is born). But not the actual details. Not until they face infertility, they have no clue of how complex is the creation of a new life.

Everything has to fall at the right time, the body temperature has to be correct, the hormone levels, the thickness of the lining, the timing of the ovulation window has to match that the sperms make it on time, and that they can survive the waiting time, and be able to swim all the way up to the ovaries. Also, that the tubes are open with no abnormalities, that the uterus is in good healthy state; and then the fertilized egg be able to descend safely down to the uterus, and the list goes on. A healthy woman has the probability of 40% to be able to get pregnant. Infertility brings that percentage down to 15% only or less (some sad cases is 0%), few maybe up to 25% with IVF treatment.

Some people we have come in contact, (or known about) are so mean. Because they have come saying that if a child is not conceived the "traditional" way then it is not a "real" baby. And I thought to myself: how ignorant they are about what the doctors can actually do. They think that an In-vitro baby is all produced by "medical magic". If those people would spend the time to get educated and informed; they will quickly find out that the most advanced technology of today's medicine cannot produce a baby. All they can do is to be "lucky" obtaining eggs from the mother, and the similar thing for the father. Then, the only special thing is that they get those two vital and irreplaceable components and put them together. That's all they can do, nothing else. They have no control of the whole process at all.

They cannot force it to fertilize, they cannot make it grow. There is no chemicals they can add to make it work. And even after it fertilizes, all they do is to have the beautiful opportunity to watch with their own eyes (trough a microscope) of how the cell-division starts taking its place, on its own. And the whenever the cell is at the right size and stage, then transfer it back to the mother's womb. And hope that the womb is ready to receive the embryo, and that the embryo will hopefully implant.

Thus, is all still in God's hands and control. Without his intervention a new life cannot be formed, or created. I pray that this kind of people don't have to experience what we have experienced, otherwise they would regret the way they treat infertile people.

OK, now let's go back to what's happening now, it is AWESOME!

Today, we finally got to the most important day: The doctors are going to extract eggs from my wife, and they hope they can fertilize them with my stuff. We spent several hours at the clinic. More IV and I almost fainted with all that blood... But I made it. Jess was laughing about my reaction (since I'm the one not being poked).

Jess is very happy with the fertilization embryo report we got. She produced 31 follicles, and 29 contained an egg, and 27 did fertilize successfully. Out of the 27 embryos 12 were frozen the 1st day; and the other 15 were left in the incubator to continue their cell-division growth.

Out of the 15 only 2 were classified as class-C "potential discard" the rest have many class A and B, and they have grown from 1-cell to the range of 6-8 cells after 2 days. So, the team of doctors will have the luxury to pick and choose the ones they want to transfer to Jess' womb on next Wednesday. Doctor A. is very impressed with the results of our embryos! I know GOD is behind it...

While waiting in the pre-surgery room, there was another couple in the next room. We felt so sad for them because they were receiving their report: they got only 7 eggs, all of them were fertilized, but none of them made it. She was crying so much, I felt such a heavy weight in my heart for that couple. Because we know how much sacrifice, physical and emotional suffering is invested to get to this point...

Jess said that she would be happy (if we are successful on the first try) to donate them some of our embryos.

We're still not out of the water, but everything seems to be going very good for us. I just hope that her body will embrace those embryos this coming Wednesday... I want to keep my eyes wide open and admire how God works right in front of our eyes.


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