Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. 
(Psalm 27:13)

Life has brought many experiences, and if I would know about them before hand, then I would be very terrified to live trough them. But I know that God does everything to its fulfillment. Tomorrow, Jessica and I will find out if she has been pregnant for 14 days. Since the time these microscopic embryos were transferred into her, we've been flooded with tons of emotions. Some of them with optimism and hope, and others with doubt that anything is going to ever work.

I believe that for most people, to have a child is one of their biggest dreams in life. For me, to be able to embrace my wife, and be able to see her belly grow, and to know that inside, there is a baby, and be able to whisper to the baby about how happy I feel about the day we can see each other face to face; has no words to describe.

It takes a toll to anyone, after more than 35 days of injections I've given to Jessica. It breaks my heart to see how much she has endured, in order for her to be a mom. Tomorrow is going to be a GREAT day (or a very bad day). We'll find out if we are pregnant or not. Pray for us, I'm scared, I can't deny it.

I wonder if that is how Moses felt, when he was cornered between the angry Egyptian army and the red sea. He has had faith in God all the previous days, but all of that has no comparison to find himself at the seashore edge. With no escape route, and responsible of many people, that will be slaughter by pharaoh's army.

But in that moment, when everything seems to have no hope, only one thing changed the course of history: Moses decided to keep having his faith and trust in God. And God open the red sea. I need to keep my faith in him, against all odds, and he will make our dream a reality.

Test result was positive!!!


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