Saturday, March 7, 2009

Healer is home

Lilia Ashlyn (aka Jacee)

(I know that there is this frequent question about why the name on the baby grave reads "Jacee", but we call the baby "Lilia". If you read at the end of this post it will explained why.)

Since the moment that we found that baby "B" had problems it was the beginning for us to understand that the days of us sharing with her presence, were counted. It was a matter of time for when it would happen. Few weeks ago we thought that that the baby was a boy (via ultrasounds). Every time an ultrasound occurred we had the opportunity to see her moving around and kicking back and forth with his sister and her brother. They had a lot of fun playing tag with each other inside mommy's womb, I would say.

Although we were prepared to know that the baby was not going to make it, it still doesn't prepare you for the moment when you hear it, that she has passed away.

Last Tuesday, we found that her heart rate was erratic and have slowed down significantly. Yesterday, she was no longer moving, and her heart rate was very slow. Today, the resident doctor came in early afternoon to perform a check, and could not see any heart movement anymore. Then she went outside to bring two doctors. They all came in, and after several minutes of observation the looked at us and told us that officially the baby was no longer alive...

We have given her the name that God already knew even before she was conceived. Her name is Lilia Ashlyn. The name was chosen because of its meaning:

- Lilia comes from Greek origin that means "My God is a vow"
- Ashlyn is from Gaelic origin that means "Dream"

If the baby would had been a boy, his name would been:

- Jace comes from Greek origin that means "Healer"
- Alberto is from Germanic origin that means "Noble and bright, or famous"

And now we know that Lilia is completely healed and perfect in heaven, and she gets to meet her sibling already there (Baby August). She must be know having lots of fun on God's lap, and I know that God is filling her life with an incredible love that has no limits or way to describe.

One day I get to see you and hug you my dear Lilia "Jacee".

Love you forever,

"Before I was born the LORD called me; from my birth he has made mention of my name."
(Isaiah 49:1b)


Explanation why is her name on the grave "Jacee":

During the pregnancy, every time ultrasound tests were done on the triplets the scanned results appeared to show that baby-B was a boy. But we were told that with 3 babies sharing the same space, sometimes is difficult to determine the genders and it is just their "best guess" until the pregnancy is in a more advanced stage. So, with that limited information we chose the boy name (Jace) for this baby. When the baby passed away inside the womb, it stayed there for several days, until we lost all of them. By the time our 3rd precious baby was born (stillborn), Her body was already in bad shape and very difficult to recognize, the only feature I was able to understand was her cute little face. 

When I sat down with the funeral people to do the paper work, and giving them the name of the babies, we provided the name "Jace" for her; because we were told that this baby was a boy. Few days later after the funeral and burial was done, we got the actual test report from the hospital with the DNA test results of our triplets. To our surprise the DNA test indicated that the triplets were actually two girls and one boy. 

Alexa and Jayden were babies that were born alive, and lived in our arms for a while. We knew without a doubt their gender. Thus, the obvious conclusion is that baby-B was actually a girl instead of a boy. Her name should be "Lilia"

We called the company that was making the grave stone. The legal paperwork and the order was already getting processed, and we could not do any changes without doing lots of paperwork. However the grave makers were kind enough to suggest us to use a female version of "Jace", and we agreed to change it to "Jacee". That's how the name ended up reading Jacee on the grave marker. But in reality her name that we would have given to her, if she had survived would have been Lilia. And that's the name we will always use for her.

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