Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I have wings to fly

You gave me wings to fly. I can now jump out of the box, wander around and explore a new world. I can expand my horizons, expand my soul. Now I can see more, I can see my siblings. And I can see you my mommy and daddy from my new home.

You know me and one day you will know me much more, and this is what is clear to me. With your love and faith upon me, the wings grew in my tiny body. With your affection and encouragement, I learned to take leaps up. With your blessings and prayers, I achieved all that I am. And finally, the vast heavens are waiting for me. Yes, I love the deep blue sky, I love the dark green forest, I love the bouquets of white cloud over the hills, I love flowing gold rivers. I love everything that God has created and saved here.

You want my head high, smile in the face and love in the eyes. You want my head high, peace in the heart, vision in deeds and gratitude in practice. You want my head high, faith in our love, honesty in smile and politeness in words. You want my head high, patience during trials, prayers in lips and joyful positive attitude. I will keep your words; I will meet your expectations and materialize your dreams. I will not let you down, I will please your soul, I will.

Now what? Kiss on my cheeks, and chant a prayer; kiss on my forehead and bless me. This is not a goodbye; I will come to you with a bigger soul. I will sleep in your lap and you will sing for me. You are always in me, in my soul, and this is why I will be the achiever. Without you, I am nothing and with you, I am your new angel.

God is watching over me now, and He is watching over you too. Don't be sad, because God sees not only what He is doing, but what will come of what He is doing.

I love you much more.

Baby October.
       ~ ♥ ~


  1. This baby and the others will be waiting for you when you arrive in Heaven and will be the first ones you see. You will also get to raise them, it is such a short time on this earth and so hard to comprehend sometimes how much time will be spent with them for eternity. God bless you Luis! Your "Mom-in-law" who is very proud of you and Jess.

  2. Looking back, no regrets. I prayed that God's will would be done.
    And God did honor that prayer, now another gift waits for me in Heaven.