Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear Santa

Christmas is around the corner, yet 
         sometimes I see my mommy and daddy cry. 
Now should be a time of cheer, 
         yet the festivities pass them by

I wish those times they didn't feel so sad, 
         that they could wear a festive smile.
But Christmas is so very hard, 
         when they miss me all the while

So please dear Santa don't forget, 
         to visit mommy and daddy's home
Leave them a special gift, 
         so they know they're not alone

The gift must be so special, 
         but not an item you can see.
Please deliver them a nice present Santa,
         a kiss to them from me.

~ ♥ ~   ~ ♥ ~   ~ ♥ ~

~ ♥ ~   ~ ♥ ~   ~ ♥ ~

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