Sunday, January 22, 2012

Working on 3rd video

When writing on this blog one of my main goals is to share my emotions and important experiences in life. I think most people like bloggers that write frequently. So, sorry if I am a little bit of a slacker on my postings. But I also don't want to overwhelm people with too much writing. To find a balance might be tricky.

As the day of the third anniversary of my triplet’s departure approaches, I'll be sharing more pictures of them in the third (and probably last) video in their memory. Some of those pictures I have not openly shared before. As I work on it, I always try to make them as beautiful as I sense them in my heart. Few days ago, I came across an article about comments made about the Duggar's family heartbreaking experience on their child loss.

Keeping my honesty, I was sadden by reading some of those comments, in my point of view they were mean and with no lack of empathy with this family's pain. They said that pictures like it are "disturbing". And I'm sure that many of those that think alike is because these critics have never been in their shoes, and held their own lifeless child in their arms. It was not until I lost my babies; and then after going to many grief counseling meetings; that I started to see other parents like us, whom can truly see the beauty of a human life taken from our hands, no matter how young or old. And I discovered that it is okay to grieve, and that actually sharing (thoughts, poems or pictures) not only helps us in our journey to healing; but also can bless and help others that unexpectedly find themselves in the same terribly sad situation. If you do video searches for memorial of babies, it is overwhelming how many results you get. And my prayer goes for all those families that God can comfort them, and give them the peace that we've found in Him. Although the scar will never go away, and we will go on in life with the fact that we'll always miss our babies. But I'll never add to their pain unnecessary and selfish criticism about how they should grieve.

No matter what a child loss hurts beyond words and comprehension. Life does go on, and we will never be able to go back to the previous "normal" life, but a new "normal" is eventually attained. The grief experiences doesn't describe who we are, neither it is who we are. But without a doubt will shape us, and gives us the appreciation and beauty to treasure so much more our children.

For us we sense this incredible gratitude, happiness and joy of having our boy in our arms; it is also beyond words to describe. Counting our blessings is much more important and meaningful.

We will always love you my precious ones.

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