Monday, March 11, 2013

Till I hold you again

Tomorrow, March the 12th, was the day that I met and held for the first time my first daughter Alexa, knowing that her sister Lilia (aka Jacee) already had gone to heaven days earlier, and hoping her brother Jayden would somehow survive. Sometimes, I wish all the triplets would have gone together on the same day. So we could have a single day to remember them together. But instead our experience stretches over a length of 9 days. Lilia went into the arms of Jesus on the 6th, then Alexa on the 12th, and then Jayden on the 14th.

Four years after our goodbye; there have been so many beautiful poems that I have come across, that have inspired me, and I've made references on this blog. But this year I decided to write my first own poem for my triplets. I titled it "Till I hold you again".
I hope you like it...

Till I hold you again

by Luis Colmenares

My beloved children, hope you see the love in my eyes,
Now you live in a baby castle, just beyond the sky,
I dream of you playing with angel toys that money cannot buy.
Some nights when all is silent and sleep forsakes my cry,
I can hear your tiny footsteps come running to my side.

Your little heavenly hands caress me, so tenderly and sweet,
I breathe a prayer while embracing all of you in my sleep.
You are an amazing treasure, so enormous, beautiful, and deep
I know now you have true joy, true peace; there is no more weep,
Remember I will always love you; this is my promise to keep.

I dream about you,  I love you, I miss you. 
Till one day I get to hold you again...
Your daddy.


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