Thursday, September 26, 2013


Last night we went to the first session of a church series named "unstuck". Towards the end of the meeting; the speaker said to all of us to take a moment of silence, and allow ourselves to experience a little bit of God's presence.

I thought; sure, I usually prefer to do this when I'm alone reading His word; or when listening to awesome worship music by myself. But I decided to give it a shot anyway. So, while everyone had their eyes closed; the speaker was instructing: “Imagine yourself far away... You are in the most beautiful beach you've ever imagined. Now, you can feel your toes in the soft sand, and you glaze at the pure crystal waters. As you walk down the seashore all sudden you can feel this beautiful and warm sunlight on your face.”

And he continued: At this point you decide to unload the backpack you’ve been carrying for a long time, and decide to let go of things. Imagine Him telling you “everything is ok”, and “I'll always love you”. (Or something like that, because at this point I wasn't listening to the guy anymore, his voice had become like a background noise). I wanted to allow my soul total freedom. And feel the warmth of His presence...

Al sudden I heard, as clear as ever, these beautiful playful children giggle noises.

It was so beautiful, amazing and real. These voices were so familiar to me. Like I have heard them all my life. I could hear them playing with each other, and they continue to giggle again. Full of joy, peace and glory.

Then, I realized God did let me for few seconds hear the voices of my triplets, so I would stop worrying about them being okay away from me.

I couldn't help it; I had tears running down my face. I quickly wiped them off, to avoid feeling embarrassed around all this large group of people.

It. Was. Beautiful.

And so, I decided to write it down and share it.


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