Thursday, October 10, 2013


For couples that struggle with fertility, the journey to become parents can be a very difficult roller-coaster experience. After several miscarriages, and losing the triplets, the miracle of having our son it is a blessing beyond anyone can imagine. But in my heart I have this father love, which kept pushing me to trust in God once again (and the same thing was happening to my wife). And try for another child in the midst of what could be almost impossible from the medical point of view.

Also, ever since Jace started talking he would pray for Mommy to have a baby. Each night while saying his prayers before bed for the past 2 years he would pray with his daddy for another baby(ies). This journey of trying to have another baby has not been easy, it has been filled with disappointments, loss, and we kept being knocked down but getting up and trying again.

So, in September 2nd we started our sixth attempt to have another child. I am so thankful for the encouragement, support, and prayers this past month. For those of you who have pulled me aside and prayed with me it means so much. In this journey there are so many ups and downs but knowing that I am being covered in prayer is such a blessing. The doctors were able to extract from her, 10 mature eggs. Of those only 5 fertilized successfully. For the first time, we were able to obtain a decent low number of embryos, which helped to minimize the hyper-stimulation medical condition that can be life-threatening, very troublesome and painful to handle.

Five days later, on September 7th. We were on call for the embryo transfer. Today's common medical practice for her age is to transfer only two embryos, with the hope that at least one of them take. With our history, that it is the case (with the exception of the triplets). Then we arrived to the clinic, we prayed as a couple one more time before entering the surgery room.

I was delighted to receive from the embryologist our first "picture" of my babies; they look as a couple tiny cells. It is amazing how life begins. All five embryos were excellent, and considered viable. For a couple of them  the cells were dividing well and they already have over 150 cells. The doctors indicated that this time there was no need for assisted hatching procedure, since "by coincidence" the embryos already started hatching on their own. How cool is that! So, the doctor transferred two embryos.

Then after the procedure was completed; it comes the despised 2-week wait period; to see if at least one of them took. On September 20th, we did the final blood test to find out if the pregnancy was positive. After they take a blood sample, you get to go home and wait for the phone call. It is a very scary day; and waiting for the call makes time to go extremely slow. The other embryos were transferred to the cryogenic unit and are now frozen.

However, I was very happy to experience that morning as Jess was getting ready to go out for her blood test. I can tell that we've come a long way. In the past years for each time we got to this point, she would be a nervous wreck, and would keep asking me about it, and I would have no answer other than keep trusting in Him. But today, we had throughout the house awesome contemporary worship music blasting everywhere. It calmed our nerves a lot, and gave us the opportunity to be grateful and give thanks to Him, for giving us another opportunity to try.

No matter what happens, I'm grateful about it; and very appreciative for people keeping us in their prayers (from many places and countries throughout the world). Even when you don't get the chance (or forget to pray about it), I think He can see your heart desire to pray for us.

Following years of difficulties, and 6 attempts to IVF (out of 3 cycles); today after the long 2 week wait, the pregnancy test result came back POSITIVE. Jace gets the blessing to be a Big brother. Yay! Thanks God!

The next milestone on the miracle of our baby(ies) will be the first ultrasound. It will tell us if there is one heartbeat (single pregnancy) or two heartbeats (twins). The doctors hope that single pregnancy is the outcome. And I understand their concern; because all the risks and complications of multiple-pregnancy (like losing them prematurely as it happened with the triplets, or them being born too pre-mature, and have health complications, etc...). I know I have many little "angels" in Heaven (around 50 or so), and of all of them I got to hold three in my arms: Alexa, Jayden and Lilia. So, after this entire journey, we've learned to live in peace, with this reality that only people struggling with fertility has to endure.

Thus, having shared that we are truly not greedy (I think all of my friends can see that too). We only pray and hope for one more healthy child. We are not out to break any records, it is not our goal. Or heart desire is to be able to raise children that will love God, love people and serve our world.

So, I pray that God gives us one healthy child. But I changed my prayer that let it be His will. He knows better than any doctor, and any fear we might have. He holds the future, and we'll continue to trust Him. And through it all God has given us the strength and encouragement to keep trying and never give up on our dreams.

On October 8th, we went to the first baby ultrasound. And as we saw those two precious miracles and heard their heartbeats for the first time we had tears streaming down our faces. We gave God all the glory!


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