Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Waiting to find out their genders

(Merged 3D scan at 13 weeks)
Last month, we got our first appointment with the MFM doctor assigned to our case. And they did a 3D scan on the babies. I'm so amazed how much at 13 weeks a baby already looks like. Both of them are at the right size for their gestational age. So, we will keep pressing forward on our prayers for my little ones.

During the same appointment the doctors kept talking about their concern over the couple cysts that Jess has in her body, and the potential risk that the cervix could give up later on in the pregnancy. So, two weeks ago they scheduled a surgery to do a cerclage (known also as a cervical stitch). The night before the surgery our main doctor calls home, and shared that he wanted to add to the surgery a cyst draining procedure. This meant she would be under total anesthesia.

We agreed, and we were a little bit nervous. When we arrived to the hospital, they prepared her, then I was able to go to the pre-op room and we prayed together as a family (including our little 3-year boy). Then she was taken for surgery.

Two hours later the doctor came out to give me a report. And he said: "Today, God had to be looking out for you guys, because one we opened her, the ovary was already twisting, and the cervix was starting to give up, few more days, and you could have lost your twins..." The doctor seemed so happy and relieved with the outcome. Inside of me I was incredibly grateful for what God just did. The cysts were bigger than the size of a baseball, and weight a total of 2 pounds. What a relief for her.

The following week (on Thanksgiving week), we had the honor to share our testimony to the rest of our church about His faithfulness in good times and bad times; He has been so good to us. This is a picture of the words my wife read:

Now the next step is the fetal growth check on the babies. Since for the type of anti-body that they found there is no medication, or vaccination, but there are procedures to deal with it. So, they will monitor the babies' progress and see if there is a need for the procedure to be done.

At this next ultrasound, there is the possibility that we can find out their genders. I wanted to know right away, but Jess wants it to be a surprise. So, we found middle ground. I will know their genders, and then we will do a "gender reveal party" were I will surprise her, close family and friend members with a couple items that will tell the gender for each baby.

This is such an exciting journey. I can't wait until the day I can hug my little ones.

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