Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sometimes Miracles Come in Pairs

(Wall decal in their nursery)
As the pregnancy weekly progress is now climbing into the mid-30s. We now have the peace to know that the twins have overcome some of the most critical moments and the fears we had months ago are almost all gone. We are exceedingly grateful to God for protecting our babies from the antibody, from surviving the early ovarian cyst removal surgery, the cervical cerclage surgery that saved their lives, passing the glucose test, the lengthy bed rest that their mommy had to endure since 19-weeks, the helpers, the meals, and most important all the prayers that have given us the encouragement to face all the odds.

Also, I look back and I’m also grateful of the sacrifice that our little boy had to make to be away on daycare. I know that he would prefer to stay home. While Jess was hospitalized, I had to do lots of things on my own. But there was this day, when I was dropping my little 3-year old into daycare, and he was crying. Then I decided to come down to his level looking into his tearful eyes, and gently asked him: "papito, daddy needs your help, I need you to stay here for few more days, until the babies are born. Can you help me?"

And he started wiping off his tears, and said "yes daddy, I will help you" hugged me and then walked towards the other kids. It was very emotional for me to see him have the courage and do what he doesn't want to do. I’m blessed to have him as my child.

Weeks have passed. And we are so thrilled to see that we have successfully made it this far in the pregnancy. We are still praying that she can make it at least two more weeks. This will minimize the need for steroids, magnesium, or the possibility that they will not spend time in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

Wonderful Anticipation

(Helping daddy to paint their room)
Also I've been working to prepare their room, assembling the cribs, painting the walls, placing decals, window sheers, etc… And I’m so happy to see my son wanting to help too. I know that he is still too young to know how to paint a wall, but in my opinion he did the best painting help work I've ever had. I don’t know if he understand to the fullest about that soon he will not be our only child, or that two babies will come into our world and change lot of things. But I think he will do great. He will be an awesome big brother to them.

Thank you God for all you’re doing in our lives, and protecting our little babies. I can't wait for the day I can hold them in my arms, and love unto them.

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