Friday, May 2, 2014

This coming week they will be finally be here

Very soon this room is going to be full of joy:

We're still amazed that after 110 days of bed-rest, and prayers to keep the babies inside the womb for as long as possible, that now we've reached the wonderful milestone of 37 weeks! So, now they are full term for twins, this is so awesome.

God has this sense of humor, because for the past week or so, after they removed the cerclage, we thought she would go into labor right away. And days have passed with nothing is happening. A couple times that we did rush to Triage, but the contractions were not strong enough, and the cervix is still under 4-cm. So, she has been scheduled for labor induction next Monday.

I'm so excited to finally get to hold my baby boys that it seems like I'm in a dream. And so thankful for many, many people praying with us. And grateful to God for granting us our prayers.

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