Saturday, September 12, 2015

2015 Children Memorial Service

(This is an excerpt of what I shared during this year's Children Memorial Service. The audience were all the parents or family members of children at the same cemetery where my triplets rest.)

When you're experiencing the most terrible circumstances, and you hear that God is so big, the reality doesn't feel like that at all. The depth of the loss, and grief is so overwhelming that we can't see or sense the greatness of Him. Then all sudden I heard whispers from a song I heard days ago telling me "Earth has no sorrow that Heaven can't heal..."

My dear angels Alexa, Jayden and Lilia will always have a piece of my broken heart. When they went to Heaven, they left very few precious memories with me that I will treasure forever. But also I have a lot of dreams that I had to give up. Sometimes it is impossible to resolve or give up a dream ... Dreams are difficult to grieve. That’s why I will continue to dream about them, until the dream is no longer a fantasy; but instead the dream becomes a reality when I walk into Heaven and hug all my children again.

My babies, I take a pause to remember you, to remember the shape of your tiny beautiful fingers. Oh, how small you were! While writing this I closed my eyes and pictured all of you living in the radiance of Heaven's light. And I took a rest again, to allow God's presence to surround me, and to fill me up, to give me comfort and strength with peace beyond all understanding.

Then all sudden I softly felt the whispers of my heaven babies telling me again:

        "Daddy . . . ,      daddy . . . we love you.
                               Don't worry,    there is no tears past heaven's gate"

~ ♥ ~

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