Thursday, December 17, 2015

God gave me you

Seven years ago today was when we found out that we were having triplets during the first ultrasound to see if there was a heartbeat. It was an amazing news to us, and we kept it a secret to surprise all of their grandparents. Little I knew what was going to happen in the following months, and the journey that we have to go through in life.

A couple days ago while I was placing and arranging Christmas decorations for my triplet's grave blanket, I looked over and discover a new fresh grave. I was sad for another family that will have to endure their first Christmas without a child in their arms. Christmas time can unbelievably hard for some families.

At my triplets grave I felt guilty that the business of life has taken so much of my time that I've forgotten to dedicate moments for them. Specially in the past few days it has been so many things that I'm trying to do in addition to my daily work, taking care of the twins, preparing Bible studies, making sure that we keep writing encouragement letters and sending gifts to a child we are sponsoring in another country, trying my best to take care of my last living grandmother who is very far away and suffered a terrible fracture, dealing with the insurance companies, and making sure she got the medical care and is well enough to flight her back to her home.

And I do all of this not because I must do it or because I want to make myself look good, but because I want to do it. I want to see this little girl in another far away country to know that God loves her, and that poverty is not going to define who she is, but that she has a bright future and that there are people that care and pray often for her. Coincidentally she was born on the same day my triplets were born. Also I want to show all the love I can give back to my grandmother, I'm grateful for all the care and love she gave me when I was a little boy. And the list goes on.

A schedule too busy, that I haven't had the time to stop for a moment and reflect on how much my triplets also matter in my life, and be able to have a quiet time for myself with them. So, on this day when I went to walk over the fresh grave to pray for this grieving family. Then I read this sign on the ground that I took a picture, which it reads "God gave me you". And it is so true, I can imagine the mother and dad placing this sign on their child's grave with very heavy hearts and deep sorrow, trying to let go something that has been taken from us too soon.

I started to pray for them. And I then in the rush of my prayers I was asking God to please tell my three babies about how much I miss and love them too, that I wish they could hear my words. But all sudden in the silence of the moment I felt these whispers coming from our Heavenly Father above:

"Please take a pause, stop .... 
Listen; be still. Do you see? 
Can you hear?"

And yes, it's true, I need to stop at least for a moment, slow down, take a pause, enjoy what I have right now, smell the flowers, appreciate the sunshine, and listen. I opened my eyes, and I re-read the sign on the ground that is in front of me, and I felt each one of all my three angels telling me:

"Daddy, daddy, 
I am so grateful and proud. 
God gave me you"

~ ♥ ~

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